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Table of contents:

Improved volumetric clouds

Recent changes:

  • New volumetric clouds, updated ObjectSky.
  • Added Camera object (PlayerDummy node) in UnigineEditor.
  • Some renaming in the materials: scattering -> post_scattering, polygon_offset -> offset, priority -> order (don't forget to run script).
  • Render performance improvements.
  • Added post_deffered flag for the transparent objects (objects with this flag will be rendered into the deffered buffer after rendering into the color buffer), that is useful for water surfaces.
  • WidgetSpriteObject is renamed to WidgetSpriteNode and can render the full hierarchy of the node.
  • Skinned meshes can be rendered using DirectX 10 stream out feature or OpenGL EXT_transform_feedback extension.
  • New type of the particles emitter: shift (particles are generated only if the emitter is moving), that can be used for fake water interaction effect or rocket traces.
  • Reduced memory consumption by UnigineScript interpreter.
  • Minor improvements of UnigineEditor.
  • Correct detection of NVIDIA GTS cards.
  • Vegetation animation can be turned off in material settings (less complex shader will be used).
  • Fine tuning of volumetric materials' attenuation.
  • Support of GL_ARB_texture_rg (optional) and GL_EXT_texture_swizzle (required) extensions.
  • Removed support of L and LA image formats (R and RG are used instead).
  • Xinerama support (Linux users now can use multi-GPU and multi-screen configurations).
  • Added new UpSample material option for transparent objects that reduces their rendering buffer resolution, thus providing performance boost.
  • Updated Qt integration sample (now it's compatible with Qt 4).
  • Added samples of image manipulations via C++ API.
  • Updated documentation: "Console", "Tools / ResourceEditor", "Tools / Plugins for 3D Editors", added info on PSSM into "Technologies Overview / Shadows", added "Programming / Scripts / Input System" article.

There are three surfaces in ObjectSky object now:

  • "sphere" provides correct interaction of clouds and sky (clouds can be darker than the sky),
  • "clouds" is a new surface for volumetric cumulonimbus clouds (they are simulated by a physically-correct algorithm),
  • "shadow" (without changes).

New volumetric clouds
New volumetric clouds
New volumetric clouds
New volumetric clouds

PS: Here is the next step forward we promised recently:Unigine Joins PLAYSTATION®3 Tools and Middleware Program.




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