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Recent news:
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Bugs depopulation

Recent changes:

  • Fixed crashes on OpenGL / NVIDIA.
  • Fixed wrong collisions of a mesh with a convex hull.
  • Fixed higlighting of sliders in GUI.
  • No more stalls during grass generation.
  • Clusters speedup.
  • Optional warm start for particle systems.
  • Multi-threaded update of world nodes.
  • Reduced memory consumption by meshes (32 bytes for static mesh vertex, 48 bytes for skinned mesh one).
  • Two-pass preprocessing of scripts for full collection of data on classes and prototypes.
  • Added a new sample of selecting objects by mouse (data/samples/systems/selection_00).
  • Added experimental Cg shaders for NVIDIA GPUs, that translate GLSL code into NVIDIA OpenGL assembler instructions (this approach provides 5-10% performance boost in OpenGL in comparison with high-level GLSL code).
  • Added OpenCL wrapper.
  • Saving of unique IDs of nodes into world/node files.
  • Correct work of isVisible flag in nodes, besides that the list of visible nodes of a world is accessible now (
  • Fixed a heap of minor bugs.

Also we have two more people in the team: Nadezhda Ovchinnikova (technical writer) and Kuat Eshengazin (lead QA engineer).

PS: No pictures today, sorry.

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