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World layers, editing of node references

What's new:

  • World layers support via new NodeLayer: they are stored in separate files, which is more convenient way for collaborative work on a project.
  • In-place editing of NodeReference from the editor.
  • Reduced memory consumption by NormalMapper and AmbientMapper.
  • Fixed WorldCluster crashes.
  • Fixed wrong texture coordinates in volumetric clouds.
  • New flag for ImageDDS: -a allows to downsample a large source image into smaller one with preserving alpha-testing accuracy (don't use this for alpha-blending).
  • Fixed buffer overflow in dynamic meshes.
  • Correct playback of skinned mesh animation with negative speed.
  • Optimized performance of sectors and portals.
  • Added engine.editor.releaseNode() function, which removes a node from the editor list, but doesn't delete it.
  • Aspect ratio for grass instead of separate width/height settings.
  • Material of multi-layer paint (mesh_paint_base).
  • Fixed editing of shapes and joints in UnigineEditor.
  • Adjustable shadow offset for billboard leaves.

Here you can see the difference in alpha-testing with enhanced downsampling via ImageDDS:
Different alpha downsampling

Multi-layer paint material is good for car paint:
A car with new paint material
A car with new paint material
A car with new paint material
A car with new paint material

Some additional landscape improvements in our game in development (grass everywhere, massive tree arrays):
Grass is everywhere
Forest full of trees

PS: We are also to announce the next major step forward, which we made recently, so stay tuned.

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