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Recent news:
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Optimizations and very verbose scripts

Recent changes:

  • Instancing of skinned and dynamic meshes.
  • Much faster stereo rendering due to shadows optimization.
  • Terrain speedup.
  • Alpha-channel of specular textures is no longer responsible for reflections, it modulates specular power (glossiness) now.
  • Square brush in TerrainEditor.
  • Manager has been renamed to RenderManager.
  • Adjustable number of splits for WorldLights.
  • Fixed material preview bug.
  • Fixed flickering of water reflections.
  • Added initial angle and velocity scale for particles.
  • Visualization of occulsion query primitives in UnigineEditor.
  • Added terrain sample with unique texturing (terrain_01).
  • Intersection masks, functions get a mask as third parameter.
  • New order of arguments for initialization: Engine::init(UNIGINE_VERSION,argc,argv,project,password), where 'password' is a password for encrypted file packs.
  • Script and shader preprocessor accepts only angle brackets for #include directive.
  • Warnings on unused variables and arrays in scripts.
  • More verbose script interpreter output on errors, including file name and line number.

Some notes on instancing follows. There is a pool for 64 bones drawn in once, so there is a huge speedup on skinned meshes with simple skeletons. Cloned ObjectMeshDymamic are also instanced, they are drawn by 32 in a batch. Plus there are some performance improvements in instancing of static meshes.

Here are pics for today, particle-based fountains from our unannounced game:
Particle-based fountain
Particle-based fountain

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