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Game Connection Europe (Lyon, France) is coming, so we decided to take a week for additional stabilization of Unigine in order to help our licensees to prepare builds for the exhibition.

News of this week:

  • Unloading of corresponding libraries (material and property ones) on the world unloading.
  • Fixed triangle visualizer.
  • Access to Body, Shape, and internal Dummy object of a PlayerActor.
  • Correct linear interpolation for float point images.
  • Fixed D3D9 crash if a mesh is missing.
  • "float" validator supports inf/-inf now.
  • No anisotropy for point-filtered textures in D3D9.
  • Clamp sampling of grass textures.
  • Fixed 3dsMax export script, now it works with filenames containing spaces.
  • Hidden objects are skipped now during export from 3dsMax.
  • New "palette" tool for terrain palette conversion.
  • Minor fix of normals treating in ResourceEditor.
  • Fixed terrain_base_texture_scale in UnigineEditor.
  • All selected objects show their wireframe in multiple selection mode, if "mesh wireframe" option is on.
  • Input filters for numeric fields in UnigineEditor.
  • Two more articles in "How to..." section of the manual: "Create a Blank Terrain Based on a Mesh or a Height Map" and "Use Terrain Palettes".
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