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Table of contents:

Decals and isolation mode in editor

Recent changes:

  • Projected, orthographic and omni decals.
  • Masks and offsets for decals.
  • Added decal samples.
  • Isolation mode in UnigineEditor.
  • New "back shadow" flag for all light sources.
  • New default names for 32/64 bit libraries.
  • Spatial settings for sky material.
  • Fixed water shaders.
  • Impostors speedup.
  • MenuBox supports another MenuBoxes as children.
  • New WidgetSpinBox.
  • Fixed calling of script functions through the C++ API with external classes passed into them.
  • SDK launcher for Windows with HTML-based interface.

Our art department is reworkingan old draft of tropical demo, it should be ready in September:
Water demo
Ocean waves look completely real in dynamics, unfortunately a static image can't show it:
Water demo

By the way, recently OpenGL 3.0 specification has been released, and we found that Unigine already supports its features, like geometry shaders, texture arrays and so on.

PS: There are up to 40% discounts in August for licensing Unigine technologies, so use the chance.