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Table of contents:

Don't worry, we are still here

There were no updates for a while because we are messing up with our new office, sorry (at the moment almost everything is done, we are ready to move in). Plus we were at Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI), it also took some time. Anyway, the development goes on even within these circumstances, so don't panic.

By the way, we met some of our customers at KRI (including Afterfall developers), we hope those meetings being fruitful.

Current update provides the following:

  • New sound module is almost ready (except for reverberations).
  • Added sound usage samples (data/samples/sounds).
  • Improved ControlsApp: keys and buttons can be assigned from scripts.
  • Optimized mesh intersections.
  • Lightmap generator for all types of lights in UnigineEditor.
  • User-adjustable containers inside "Materials" and "Nodes" windows.
  • Great speedup of ResourceEditor / NormalMapper (now it uses dedicated tracing code).
  • Less memory consumption by NormalMapper, it's more stable in Windows now.
  • color_scale instead of alpha_scale in shaders.
  • New WidgetVPaned and WidgetHPaned widgets, which can be adjusted in size by a user.
  • Access to a swizzled member of arrays is allowed from user classes now: foo.array.size().
  • Access to methods and members of a class is allowed if the object is a member of another class now: foo.file.close().
  • isCallbackEnabled() in UnigineScript.
  • copy, swap and compare functions for arrays in UnigineScript.
  • Case-insensitive mode for filesystem (data_icase console variable).
  • 'hidden' flag for widgets (it controls visibility).
  • New WorldTrigger object with callbacks (see data/samples/worlds/triggers_00.cpp).

We are going to get back to normal development pace in 2 weeks.