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Table of contents:

New sound system is on the way

Recent changes:

  • New cross-API sound framework.
  • Wrappers for OpenAL/FMOD/XAudio2.
  • New WorldSource and AmbientSource classes for sound in the framework.
  • Rollback to alpha7 version of Theora, beta seems to be too buggy.
  • Improvements of C++ API, now it's possible to work with UnigineScript's arrays.
  • Image framework now allows rotation of an image, it's very useful for cubemaps.
  • Fixed lack of HSV accuracy for image dialog.
  • Additional render optimizations (less CPU cache thrashing).
  • Updated stereo launchers.
  • Support of 3DNow! technology in the framework.
  • Interpreter optimizations (Variable is more compact now, vec/mat/quat parameters are passed more optimal also).
  • RichText now can be expanded.
  • ObjectGui and ObjectGuiMesh cannot load UI files anymore, they simply provide an interface for GUI object.
  • Separators in WidgetMenuBox.
  • Open menu can be hidden by a click of any mouse button.
  • XML parser now skips EF BB BF sequence at the beginning of the file in order to be more compliant with Unicode standarts.
  • Fixed old UnigineEditor bug with moving nodes up/down in the list.
  • Node instancing framework in UnigineEditor.
  • Updated MPEG video grabber for new ffmpeg.
  • C++ API documentation update.

It seems that the new sound system is close to be completed. Unfortunatelly there are a lot of bugs in OpenAL, some of them are really stupid ones. Another headache is different reverberation models in different APIs, there can hardly be API-independent settings.