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iZ3D stereo monitors supported

For those who don't read our news:

  1. Unigine introduces iZ3D stereo monitors support at CES,read more here.
  2. You have the last chance to license current version of Unigine at very low prices before 29th February, after that date prices will be much higher.

Changes for the week:

  • Support ofiZ3D stereo monitors.
  • "Scattering" flag in materials for correct pre-scattering blending (with this flag enabled a blending material will be rendered before light scattering; disabled by default for blending materials).
  • Adjustable scattering threshold (for correct translucence of the Sun through objects).
  • Seamless immersion into the water.
  • Speed up of water rendering on ATI cards.
  • "Spark" emitter is now available for particle systems (sparks can be generated after a collision of a particle from another system or their coordinates can be set manually).
  • "Clipping" flag in particles causing particle's death after intersection or collision.
  • Volumetric light scattering effect (shadow shafts), can be enabled per-surface.
  • New functions for manual update of nodes ( and bodies (engine.physics.addNode) for invisible objects.
  • New samples: more particles, another variant of PlayerActor usage with weapon attached.

That's how volumetric light scattering looks (length and exposure of shadow shafts can be adjusted):
Volumetric light scattering
That's all for today, stay tuned.

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