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Last update of the year

What's new:

  • Intel Compiler 10.1 support for MS Windows builds.
  • Screen-space ambient occlusion.
  • ResourceEditor / Viewer can load animation from md5b and animb formats.
  • Heavily improved Players: 2 frictions (min for moving and max for standing), new Offset matrix (for manual rotation of player's head) in addition to modelview one, added reference to controls (system ones by default).
  • Correct work of PlayerSpectator and PlayerActor with arbitrary directions of Up vector, "turning" parameter is added to specify turning speed.
  • Improved PlayerPersecutor, its "offset" renamed to "anchor".
  • Improved controls, added dummy ones.
  • A bunch of new Player samples.
  • Safe Body transform without clearing speeds and contacts: setSafeTransform().
  • Physics callbacks have 2 additional arguments now.
  • Correct save/restore of all callbacks.
  • engine.engine.* functions are renamed to engine.* in UnigineScript.
  • Improved threads in UnigineScript: now they can be called with arguments and have their own scope, thus there can be a lot of them, working in parallel; "thread_create" function is replaced with "thread".
  • New setFrameBone* and getFrameBone* functions, which don't call final blending of the animation.
  • Small improvements of filesystem (reduced memory allocation count).

No Ambient Occlusion, a boring flat image:
No Ambient Occlusion
Real-time Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion brings a lot of 3D look even for non-lit regions:
Real-time Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion

Some statistics for today:

				engine 5736 Kb 476 files 205649 lines
				shaders 862 Kb 215 files 31279 lines
				scripts 75 Kb 7 files 2287 lines
				editor 701 Kb 55 files 25090 lines
				tools 733 Kb 53 files 26442 lines
				app main 47 Kb 18 files 1812 lines
				app samples 69 Kb 29 files 2915 lines
				extern libs 120 Kb 12 files 3579 lines
				build system 34 Kb 24 files 1535 lines
				build scripts 44 Kb 48 files 1461 lines
				docs scripts 30 Kb 8 files 964 lines
				total 8456 Kb 945 files 303013 lines
That statistics is not full, it doesn't include information about 2 Unigine-based projects we are working on now.

Happy New Year!

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