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Table of contents:

Water updates

Recent changes:

  • Caustics, foam, 4 geometry waves and underwater mode in ObjectWater.
  • Speedup of ObjectWater.
  • Shaders for 3D clouds via ObjectVolumeBox (PS 3.0 required).
  • Fixed 3D textures on OpenGL.
  • Refactored random generator (there is no Gaussian floats anymore), now it works faster.
  • ObjectVolumeBox transfers basis for generation of 3D texture coordinates inside the cube to a shader (for various sfx).
  • Per-texture anisotropy filtering in materials.
  • Removed gl_render_use_nv_texture_expand_normal console variable (it is always on now).
  • create_shaders console variable renamed to manager_create_shaders.
  • Correct detection of RGB10A2 support for old ATI cards.
  • Support of GL_ATI_shader_texture_lod extension.
  • Fixed refraction rendering in stereo mode.
  • Progress bar for world loading.
  • New order of splash screens rendering: intro splash shows prior to system init function, outro one renders after shutdown function.
  • Workaround on OpenGL TTF fonts for buggy Linux driver from NVIDIA.
  • Normalmaps visualization mode: render_show_normals.
  • ImageDDS prints an image info being run with -i option.
  • SpriteRender sample.
  • Updated reference manual, added ObjectWater class description.

3D clouds:
3D clouds

There are a lot of handles for water tweaking, so artists can be happy:
ObjectWater settings
Plus there are real-time caustics in here:
and improved foam: