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Completed documentation on UnigineScript

We are returning back to 1-2 weeks cycle for updates.

What's new:

  • Completed documentation on UnigineScript: full reference manual of the language, core library and REALLY HUGE Unigine-specific library (more than 2000 functions total).
  • Reduced render vertex size for all meshes (file formats are kept untouched), now it's impossible to control tangent basis in ObjectMeshDynamic.
  • Optimized shaders caching, old cache files are to be removed.
  • Detection of build parameters in compile time.
  • Resurrection of Sanctuary demo, which was broken before.
  • Radial blur has been improved up to 16 samples.
  • Splitted pseudoinstancing for OpenGL: gl_render_use_pseudo_transform (transformation setting via vertex attributes) and gl_render_use_pseudo_instancing (passing of rendered number ID via a vertex attribute) options.
  • A bunch of small bugfixes regarding Direct3D9/10 support.
  • Fixed UnigineEditor bug with selection of objects in a folded hierarchy.

Valia "Fattie" Vaneeva (our technical writer and developer) is a real hero, because she managed to overcome the documentation on UnigineScript. That was a challenging task since our library is very rich, almost everything can be done by means of scripting. By the way, we use our own documentation system, which allows to merge changes in code base with the documentation easily, it's really helpful.

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