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Table of contents:

Support of DirectX 10 is on the way

Recent changes in the development branch:

  • Completed Direct3D 10 framework.
  • Direct3D 9 shaders porting to Direct3D 10 and their refactoring is in progress.
  • Completed state manager for all supported APIs (OpenGL/Direct3D 9/Direct3D 10).
  • Basic fixed-function pipeline emulator (used by GUI, Font and Visualizer) by means of shaders.
  • Hardware shadows from omni lights via Texture2DArray on OpenGL/G80 (less seams artifacts, more speed).
  • Rendering of adjacency geometry for all meshes in order to perform hardware volume extrusion.

DirectX 10 support has been embedded into Unigine very smoothly, since v0.4 was elaborately designed by our lead developer (Alexander "Frustum" Zaprjagaev) in a very flexible way.

What's new in the production branch:

  • Gamma correction in ImageDDS.
  • Bugfix of ragdoll loading.
  • Fixed script for 3ds Max.
  • Updated reference manual:
    • Added "Principles of Operation / Terrain" article
    • Added "Tools / ResourceEditor / TerrainEditor" article
    • Revised "Tools / Plugins for 3D Editors" article
    • Added a bunch of articles in "Programming / UnigineScript / Unigine Library" section: "Variables", 17 articles in "Engine Functions" subsection, "Material Class", "Node Class"

We plan to merge branches in 1-2 weeks.

PS: Don't missnew shiny screenshots in our gallery!