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Table of contents:

Bugfixes and plans for DirectX 10

Recent changes:

  • Setting of time for video playback (Theora wrapper).
  • Video playback sample.
  • Viewports and multisampling are under control of GLExt and D3D9Ext now.
  • Compressed clipmap textures of terrain normals are replaced by uncompressed ones due to bugs in drivers (though compressed clipmaps works OK under Direct3D 10).
  • "Animation only" feature in Maya plugins for animation export.
  • Fixed bugs in Maya plugins.
  • Geometry shaders framework for OpenGL.

It was funny to found out that in order to speed up ResourceEditor on G80 under Windows one needs to select "Single display performance mode" in NVIDIA's control panel. Having multiple monitors one needs to add ResourceEditor into "Program Settings" tab of the panel and select "Single display" option for it.

A kind of announcement: Frustum (our lead developer) is occupied with Direct3D 10 render now. It seems that there will be 3 different renders: OpenGL, Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 10. Thanks to elaborate design of Unigine's framework the introduction of new render is performing easily.


New huge terrain!