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Table of contents:

Light scattering

Recent changes:

  • GCC 4 build.
  • Full-scene per-pixel light scattering.
  • Scaler manipulator.
  • Support of compression into DXT3 format.
  • Set of UnigineScript defines by means of API and command line.
  • Detection of CPU features via __cpuid and __rdtsc intrinsics under MS Windows.
  • JointWheel usage example.
  • New PlayerPersecutor object (3rd person look).
  • New PlayerActor object (1st person look).

After a set of experiments we have found out that non-uniform scaling of objects produces way too much problems, so this feature wouldn't be provided. Moreover objects scaling noticeably reduces performance so we recommend to use pre-scaled objects.

We are also intensively continuing works on reference manual, now we have a semi-automatic system for documenting our huge UnigineScript library, which contains more than 2000 functions for the moment.