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Table of contents:

Node export and reference manual

What's new:

  • Support of parallax mask in materials.
  • Support of DXT1 textures with 1-bit alpha channel.
  • Bugfix of world loading: physical objects aren't moved to zero anymore.
  • Support of polygon primitive for COLLADA.
  • Adjustable polygon offset.
  • Node export from 3ds Max with materials.
  • "Priority" parameter doesn't belong exlusively to blending, it is available for all types of objects for rendering optimization (rendering order) now.

There is a Unigine menu item available after installation of our plugins for 3ds Max:
Unigine menu in 3ds Max
The most interesting item here is "Node export", which lets to export objects with materials into Unigine node files supported by UnigineEditor.

It's a vacation time, so there are only few changes in terms of code. However we have news in art content and documentation. We would like to introduce our technical writer, Valentina "fattie" Vaneeva. She is a highly competent person, prior to joining us Valia worked in ALT Linux development team as a translator and in Mozilla Organization as a chief of Russian localization team. So, for more than a month our reference manual has been being in safe hands, there is almost completed new "Technologies" section ("Lighting", "Shading", "Bump Mapping", "Shadows", "HDR Rendering", "Postprocessing", "Transparency", "Reflections", "Special Effects" and more to come) with a lot of pictures. This chapter of the reference manual is devoted to modern real-time technologies of virtual worlds in general, it would be useful for artists as well as programmers.