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Rag doll physics

Recent changes:

  • Linear and angular springs in joints.
  • Linear and angular limits in joints.
  • Linear and angular motors in joints.
  • JointUniversal has been removed because of uselessness (it can be done by JointBall with twist limit).
  • New JointWheel object.
  • Rag doll physics.
  • Editing of rag doll by UnigineEditor.
  • Functions of hierarchical transformations in skinned meshes.
  • Safe cloning of complex objects in UnigineEditor.
  • Support of lightmaps in mesh_reflection_cube material.

Rag doll physics can be easily switched from the animation-driven mode. Rag doll can works with complex skeleton affecting only big bones, smaller ones are transformed according to them.

Assembled rag dolls without skin:
Rag doll

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