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Physics, stereo mode and history

Recent changes:

  • Destroyable joints (maximal force and torque can be set independently).
  • Saving of joints into world and prefab files.
  • Damping in joints.
  • Linear motors.
  • Cone friction approximation instead of pyramid one.
  • Independent linear and angular damping in particles (don't forget to replace "friction" by "linear_damping" in all particle nodes).
  • Fixed tunneling bug in physics at low render FPS.
  • Correct "slow motion" mode in physics.
  • Play/Pause button in UnigineEditor (controls physics simulation).
  • Visualizer improvements.
  • Set of new functions: setWorldParent, addWorldChild and removeWorldChild, which preserve position of the object in the world space.
  • Quaternions improvements: unary operations, operations with scalars.
  • Saving of MeshDynamic geometry into world files.
  • Maya 8.5 plugins.
  • Fixed "force_no_shadows" bug with reflections.
  • Bugfix of soft hardware shadows at ATI/Direct3D9.
  • Deferred texture is available in the world_end pass and in postprocesses now.
  • Auto detection of videocard capabilities in Direct3D9 and OpenGL.

Frustum has made funny stereo mode as a proof of concept (you need stereo glasses like ones using in cinema to view this screenshots):
Stereo effect, special glasses required
This prototype effect works only under OpenGL/NVIDIA for the moment.
Stereo effect, special glasses required

By the way, today is 2nd anniversary ofUnigine v0.3, our first commercial release (4 May, 2005). Here is some statistics about it:

				binstream@binstream:~/work/unigine/Unigine_v0.3$ ./
				shaders 139 Kb 64 files 4459 lines
				examples 94 Kb 18 files 3648 lines
				levels 16 Kb 3 files 585 lines
				src 1732 Kb 126 files 58521 lines
				tools 118 Kb 30 files 4212 lines
				total 2100 Kb 241 files 71425 lines
...and about the current state of Unigine v0.4:
				binstream@binstream:~/work/unigine/Unigine_v0.4/source$ ./
				editor 568 Kb 49 files 20600 lines
				scripts 59 Kb 5 files 1925 lines
				shaders 634 Kb 166 files 23106 lines
				tools 31 Kb 17 files 1230 lines
				app 9 Kb 21 files 303 lines
				engine 4651 Kb 393 files 168415 lines
				libraries 123 Kb 13 files 3649 lines
				samples 69 Kb 29 files 2890 lines
				tools 618 Kb 66 files 23842 lines
				total 6764 Kb 759 files 245960 lines
Size isn't the most important parameter of the software project, but having the same quality level (even more higher for v0.4) you can estimate the progress.

PS: Don't forget to check out our updatedscreenshots gallery.