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More joints and ObjectMeshDynamic

What's new:

  • Improved system of equations solving for joints: faster, more stable, island-based.
  • Two modes of joints solving: fast (iterative) and accurate (equations solving), can be set per-joint, "Accuracy" switch.
  • "Collision" option in joints for switching collision detection of bounded objects.
  • New JointCylindrical object.
  • New JointFixed object.
  • New JointHinge object.
  • New JointPrismatic object.
  • New JointUniversal object.
  • Joints editing via UnigineEditor.
  • Prediction of RigidBody position for smooth movements.
  • Performance optimizations of MathLib.
  • New ObjectMeshDynamic for constructing arbitrary custom geometry in runtime.

According to our benchmarking results, ObjectMeshDynamic works at 90% of ordinary mesh's speed (if dynamic mesh isn't updated each frame). Dynamic meshes are fully compliant with static ones (coordinates, two texture coordinates, normal, binormal), can be stored into save file with all the custom geometry and is compatible with base material library. The only difference is that dynamic meshes can cast shadows only in shadow map mode. This type of objects can be used for complex effects, shape visualizators and so on.

By the way, the development log is available for LiveJournal users as translated account now.

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