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Joints on the way

Recent changes:

  • Finalized Sphere, Capsule and Box Shapes.
  • BodyRigid object with such features as impulse accumulation, warm starting and saving old contacts.
  • Physics solver optimization.
  • Global settings of physics available via UnigineEditor.
  • New disabling policy for physical objects: joints and shapes are disabled by their Body, which is disabled by the object.
  • New JointBall object.
  • New system of joints solving (equation solving instead of iterations as it was in v0.33).
  • Thanks to multi-threading there is a 2x performance boost at dual-head CPUs.

JointBall in action:

To bring some more beauty into the world, we decided to show you our new water finally. This lovely sunset scene was created in 2 days by our lead 3D artist (Pluton) for our new promotion disk:

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