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Editing of physics via UnigineEditor

Our main concern for the moment is physics module, its design seems to be polished up, however there are a lot of code to be written.

Recent changes:

  • Image class in the library.
  • Bilinear sampling of cubic textures in Image class.
  • Bugfix of dead pointers while interconnecting several scripts.
  • Changes of video mode and render settings in System::init() are applied after the end of init() function now.
  • New base shapes (incompleted yet, no collisions and intersections): box, capsule, cylinder.
  • Shapes visualization.
  • Joints draft.
  • New functions in core library of UnigineScript: length2() and dot3().
  • Configuration of Body and Shapes by means of UnigineEditor.

There were no screenshots for too long time, here you are:
Editing of shape