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Recent news:
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Plugins and improved serialization of physics

Recent changes:

  • Fully functional serialization of physics (with restoring pointers to all Bodies and Shapes, created from UnigineEditor and by means of UnigineScript).
  • New base classes for physical objects: Body, Shape.
  • Collisions of skinned meshes and morphing meshes with spheres.
  • WorldSpatial bugfixes and speedup.
  • Asymmetric LODs bugfix.
  • "Factory" template for serializable classes.
  • "Instance" template for management of enumerated objects.
  • setRow3/setColumn3 functions in math library.
  • Save/restore functions for Body and different Shapes.
  • Shaders update for correct lighting of uniformly scaled meshes.
  • New Lightmix option in materials (mixing of base lightmap with 2 additional ones, with brightness scaling).
  • Shaders of foliage.
  • Simple text editor inside the UnigineEditor.
  • Improved mechanism of video card generation detection.
  • Improvement of 3ds Max plugins: multipolygonal meshes are exported without "out of memory" error.
  • Pivot align option in 3ds Max export plugins (Mesh, Morphing Mesh).
  • Project files for Visual C++ 2005 EE.

New linux driver from NVIDIA doesn't make any difference in terms of bugs, all of them are still in the place. However it seems that their software render became a little bit faster, but it wouldn't help much unfortunately.

We would like to notice one more time that if you are interested in Unigine technologies, you could meet two of us (Alexander "Frustum" Zaprjagaev, lead developer and Denis "Binstream" Shergin, project manager) atRGDC (KRI) 2007, which will take place in Moscow, Russia (6-8 April). Contact us to make an appointment.

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