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Table of contents:

API and documentation improvements

List of changes:

  • Easy user classes transfer from C++ part into UnigineScript via API.
  • Serialization support by API.
  • Improved constructors of universal variables in API.
  • Basic math library in API.
  • Calling world script functions from the system script.
  • Calling system and world UnigineScript functions via API.
  • Application samples:
    • simple engine initialization,
    • functions export from C++ part into UnigineScript,
    • classes export from C++ part into UnigineScript,
    • serialization,
    • integration into Qt application,
    • callbacks.
  • Update of GLAppQtWindow.
  • engine_config command line parameter.
  • Maximal FOV of LightProj is increased to 180 degrees.
  • Volume light precision fix.
  • No more symbolic links in source packages.
  • New SDK installation script.
  • Documentation in CHM (compiled HTML) format.
  • Updated reference manual.

Unigine reference manual and API documentation now are available in two formats: many HTML files and CHM (compiled HTML). CHM versions provide full-text search and are more convenient in use under Windows:
Manual reference in CHM format