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Table of contents:

Worlds merging and autounwrapping

Recent changes:

  • Correct detection of NVIDIA G80 cards.
  • Support of framebuffer multisample and blit extensions in OpenGL.
  • Removed parallax_aspect parameter of mesh_base and mesh_detail_base materials, it's calculated automatically now.
  • Dynamical world merging.
  • Fix of layer animation blending.
  • Refactored MathLib for physics needs.
  • Automatic unwrapping of meshes in ResourceEditor / Viewer.
  • Updated reference manual with convenient navigation.

Physics module is on the way, right now its math core is being refactored heavily.

Results of automatic unwrapping:
Automatic mesh unwrapping
Packing algorithm should be improved a little, but it works good even now. This feature will be used for rapid PRT calculation, which requres unique UV mapping on second channel.

By the way, we've created a new character for the tutorial, Angel Girl (she will be in "Sanctuary" demo also):
Angel Girl