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Last entry of the year

Today is 31th of December, so this is the last entry in 2006.

Recent changes:

  • Motion blur postprocess.
  • Fade in / fade out effects.
  • Procedural noise for volume fog.
  • Unigine v0.3x legacy mesh format support.
  • Small improvements of indoor/outdoor system.
  • Scissors fix for new indoor system.
  • Fixed clipborad support in X Window (Linux).
  • Less artifacts with LiSPSM.
  • Tangent space visualization in ResourceEditor / Viewer.
  • Smoothing normals in ResourceEditor / Viewer.

Motion blur in action: Motion blur

This year was filled with a lot of hard work and we are proud for the results: Unigine is becoming full-featured mature middleware with convenient tools and fast technical support. Thanks to our customers we have a lot of feedback, which helps making Unigine better. Achievements of 2006 will become public in 2007, we are preparing a lot of pleasant surprises, stay tuned. Happy New Year!