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Table of contents:

Indoor system is ready!

It seems that this devlog is updated primarily on weekend. We are busy with development, support and new demos production on other days, sorry.

Recent changes:

  • Minimization of CPU cache misses.
  • DIP speed increase up to 550 kDIP/s (OpenGL) and 360 kDIP/s (Direct3D9).
  • GUI improvements ( script should be used for migration).
  • System of sectors and portals.
  • Reduction of allocation count per frame.
  • Some changes in materials concerning alpha testing.
  • ASCII Scene Export (ASE) format support.
  • Wavefront OBJ (OBJ) format support.
  • World, parent and local transformations of objects in UnigineEditor.

Minimization of CPU cache misses was a real headache for Frustum (if someone still doesn't know him, it's our lead developer, Alexander Zaprjagaev) but the juice was worth the squeeze, now we have a noticeable performance improvement.

Indoor system (sectors, portals and occluders):
Sectors and portals

Last time we forgot to show a screenshot regarding immovable dynamic lights optimization, you can see it below. There are 40 (sic!) dynamic lights (omni directional with enabled shadows) in the scene - 6.400.000 polygones without the optimization, only 194.000 polygones with it. Not bad, huh?
Lights optimization

By the way, the screenshot is taken from our new large-scale demo, which will be ready only in 5-6 months, but it will be very interesting surprise. Sorry for the strange perspective, we just don't want to reveal the secret before time.