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Application with Direct3D11 via SharpDX Library

This article describes the sample located in the <UnigineSDK>/source/csharp/samples/App/D3D11SharpAppForm/ folder.

The sample demonstrates how to embed Unigine into a Windows Forms application:

  • Create a Windows Forms application and embed Unigine into it.
  • Initialize Direct3D11 by using SharpDX library.
The sample can be run on Windows only.

Running Sample#

To run the sample, you should do the following:

  1. Prepare the development environment:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher is required.
    SharpDX library will be installed automatically when you install UNIGINE SDK.
  2. Open the Visual C# main_x64.csproj project file located in the <UnigineSDK>/source/csharp/samples/App/D3D11SharpAppForm/ folder.
  3. Click the button on the toolbar (or DEBUG -> Start Debugging) to start the project.

    Windows Form Application will open.

Description of C# classes#

This sample contains 4 classes:

  • AppForm - inherits the Unigine.App class. In this class thedoUpdate(), doRender() anddoSwap() functions are overridden and call the update(), render() andswap() functions respectively.
  • AppFormControl - inherits the System.Windows.Forms.Form class. This class implements all the necessary events, which will be performed when user interacts with the application.
  • D3D11SharpAppForm - inherits the AppForm class and initializes the graphics Direct3D11 API in the Windows Forms Application via the SharpDX library.
  • UnigineApp - defines the entry point of the program. C# Wrapper and Engine are initialized here.
AppForm, AppFormControl, D3D11SharpAppForm are defined in the Unigine namespace.

See Also#

Last update: 2020-03-12